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Graphics And Printing

The graphics and printing sector produces a wide variety of waste, many of which qualify for rebates. AWM can provide a one-stop service for all graphical and printing waste, including aluminium plates, toner, cleaning rags, WEEE, chemicals and fluorescent tubes.

AWM offers the infrastructure and flexibility to collect all types of waste whilst providing a reliable and efficient service with the option for scheduled collections.

With a fleet of collection vehicles based at  our licensed regional service centres, AWM can recycle all types of waste in a fast and responsible manner.


Many of the waste streams produced by the graphics and printing sector are classed as hazardous and as a result fall under the Hazardous Waste Regulations (2005). These regulations mean that producers of hazardous waste are liable for disposing of their waste in a responsible manner, which includes the use of a licensed waste carrier with the appropriate site permits.

What we do

AWM will provide the collection, recycling and disposal of all your waste, including difficult and hazardous waste streams. Our customers can rest assured that their waste will be dealt with a in a low cost and responsible manner.

What next?

To find out more about how AWM can help your company, contact us about your requirements.