• Polymers


The latest solutions for recycling plastic – and the best quality and value feedstock for your manufacturing process

Polymer Collection – recycles plastic polymer material and offers colour specific grades of all polymers to manufacturers. We can offer waste producers a rebate on suitable plastic waste and help manufacturers achieve great savings over using exclusively virgin materials.

What We Take In

Polymers takes in discarded post consumer plastics. These are generally the larger scrapped items that households and businesses dispose of when end-of-life. Until now there has not been a reliable UK destination where they can be efficiently recycled. Unlike other recyclers we can process the heavier, larger items that every household ultimately produces.

Products for Sale

Our fully automated recycling line produces 98% pure polymer specific regrind flakes which are suitable for direct introduction into compounding extruders. The high quality and consistent content of our products enables manufacturers to obtain very high yields and produce compounds with high impact properties.


Mixed Rigid Plastics Wanted

Polymer is always looking for regular supplies of mixed rigid plastics from household sources. We specialise in the larger durable discarded plastics – basically the plastic items which would otherwise end up at the local civic amenity site. We prefer mixed baled materials that are fairly consistent and always pay promptly for full loads that meet our purchasing specification.

Waste does not need to be sorted into specific polymer types, just let us know what you are collecting and we can quickly liaise with you to find a solution that provides you with a robust and consistent destination for these problematic fractions.